We All Need Some Judgement-Free Self-Care in 2020

2020 has been a whirlwind for most people. Although we’ve started to see the world return to normal (or, at least, the “new normal”), the impact of what we’ve all been through is lasting, and it’s felt both physically and mentally.

On top of it all, many of the wellness services that we all count on (especially in tough times) to keep us going were closed for several months to protect everyone from COVID-19, including massage therapy clinics. Although necessary, these closures have impacted many people in terms of their health and wellness.

Getting Through the “Guilt” of Self-Care

Despite all of the challenges we’ve faced this year (or maybe because of them), many people are feeling hesitant about self-care right now. There’s a collective sense of guilt when it comes to looking after our own health and wellness (outside of not catching the coronavirus, that is!) After all, there are bigger things to worry about, other people are in similar or worse situations… the reasons are virtually endless.

The fact remains that most of us need to focus on our overall well-being now more than ever. We’ve had the rug pulled out from under our feet; everything we considered stable and unchangeable has shifted rapidly. The emotional stress of that quickly translates to physical stress, and the circle begins.

What people need to know is that massage therapists are health professionals who are concerned about your wellbeing. At Urban Massage & Wellness in particular, we have a judgment-free space that is comfortable and inviting, yet completely professional. Beyond simply missing the interaction that massage brings, we are concerned for the health of those who haven’t made it in for a treatment yet – whatever the reason. Our topmost goal is to let you know that you are welcome, you are worthy of care, and you will not be judged here.

It’s also not just about massage therapy. There are plenty of other self-care items that are being missed, from exercise and eating healthy foods to time for rest and sleep. All of this can take a major toll on overall wellbeing and create an unhealthy cycle.

The Importance of Touch

Last month, we put up a blog post about the importance of human touch. You can read the full post to get all the information, but the main concept was that physical touch is incredibly soothing and healing. It’s especially important in times when social and physical contact is limited. Aside from all of the many benefits of different techniques and massage therapy, human to human contact can provide positive mental and physical health benefits.

Reasons People Are Avoiding Necessary Self-Care

Here are a few of the hang-ups that are keeping people from their usual self-care routines right now:

I Shouldn’t Spend the Money on Myself

Economically, many people have been impacted by COVID-19. Even if you haven’t been, it’s natural in times like these to hold your money a little bit closer. We never want to pressure you into a treatment, but we do encourage you to consider the payoff a treatment can provide. Clients tell us often that massage therapy makes them feel more energetic, more productive, and able to sleep more soundly. So, if it’s guilt that’s holding you back from spending the money on yourself (rather than an understandably tight budget), we give you full permission to let that go!

To make it easier on you and keep more money in your bank account, we also provide direct billing for insurance companies, so you don’t need to wait for reimbursements.

I Don’t Feel That Tense

Sometimes it takes a massage to realize that you’re holding tension in specific parts of your body. Everyone holds this tension in different places depending on their bodies, stress levels, type of work, and hobbies. Although some people may come in with specific needs, there are plenty of clients who come in without knowing what they need and leave feeling far better.

If you’re interested in massage, but you aren’t sure which type of massage therapy is right for you, get in touch with our knowledgeable RMTs in St. Albert. We work as a team and we’re always here to help you find the treatment and therapist that fits with your lifestyle and goals.

I Shouldn’t Go Out if I Don’t Really Need To

We’ve all gotten used to the “less is more” concept when it comes to going out. Most people are spending less time shopping, running errands, and getting physical services. However, massage isn’t something that can be done virtually! It’s also extremely important in terms of your long-term, overall health. And what better priority is there right now?

At Urban Massage & Wellness, we’ve done everything possible to minimize the risk of COVID-19, from increasing the frequency of our in-depth cleaning to installing HEPA grade filters in every treatment room. If our massage therapists are confident about these measures, you can be, too!

A Few More Months Won’t Make a Difference

Many clients who came in just after the restrictions were released were very surprised to learn how much tension, pain, and stress had built up over the few months without treatments. When it comes to pain management, relief from symptoms of disease or conditions, or a treatment plan aimed at increased mobility, regular treatments are essential. Not having them can set you back in reaching your goals. Progress made in mental health is also important to maintain.

Judgement-Free Massage Therapy in St. Albert

If you’re looking for massage therapy in St. Albert where you’ll be welcomed in and can feel safe and comfortable, the Registered Massage Therapists at Urban Massage & Wellness are here to listen to your needs and provide caring, non-judgmental therapy. Whether you want to come in for a relaxation massage to ease your anxiety or need some pain management or specific trigger point releases, we’re here for you, as always.

Get in touch with us today to learn more, get to know our therapists, or book an appointment now.

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